Granite Countertops

Lifelong Sustainability

Granite counter tops are exceedingly durable and bring the classic look of stone into your house without being overly dramatic. Natural stones like granite and quartz are both very difficult materials to work with – our skilled professional experts will deliver only a high quality completed project to your home or business.

We are continuously investing in accurate and updated technology and equipment to help us provide our clients with precisely cut stone counter tops. Preferring a custom look (compared to unnatural seams and excessive overlay), our clients appreciate the accuracy and polished or raw looks we can offer.

Our Stone Suppliers

We are so proud to offer you the stone options we have available through our reliable and trustworthy stone supply companies. We can offer our clients a wide range of sturdy, durable, and strong stones like granite, quartz, and marble. The accuracy of our cuts and the quality of our product will shine through in your home for years to come.

Some discount superstores or do-it-yourself-ers will try to sell unknowing homeowners types of prefabricated “blanks” with slightly-off measurements or patch together a bunch of scrap granite pieces. As you can imagine, this ends up with a lot of disappointed clients that are using Google to see “how to repair granite counter tops” – skip the mess, confusion, and repair process. Call C&M and get your stone counter top from a reputable source that will fabricate and install it all for you! 901.854.7007 – call today!