Developing Strategic Storage



This is a new home we were involved with building and the dark, rich cabinets pair so nicely with the lighter granite counter tops. The welcoming feel of this kitchen would be pleasant and inviting for any encounter!

Designing kitchens for today’s modern household isn’t always easy – storage is always listed as a maximum necessity, but keeping the look of excessive storage classy and modern are challenging. The space in this particular kitchen allowed us to expand a little bit further than normal, exceeding basic counter-standard sizes.

Storage and Style Together as One

When in development, new homes need to be thoroughly planned with family living in mind. Most everyone has a bunch of stuff. Whether it’s junk or collectibles, dishes or clothes, we’ve all got something to store. We also all have a desire to live comfortably with visually pleasing fixtures surrounding us! And at C&M, we provide just that.

Our professionals carefully install each piece of granite (quartz/marble/stone of your choice) with the ultimate precision and care. We make sure they are familiar with the tools that are used and the process that happens, and we promise to treat your home with respect while we’re doing that.

Offering our customers peace of mind with the simple fact that we can handle the job is such a relief to most every individual we know. This is your home – a MAJOR investment – that you’ve decided to finally update. We fully understand that it’s a big step and we’ll be sure to help guide you through it each step of the way!