Office Statement



Making a statement in your home or work office is easily done with a granite desk top. The strength and durability will withstand daily trials while the classic look of granite keeps your office professional and unique.

Make sure you’re giving yourself the proper treatment! Don’t settle for the particle-board desks that you’ll have to replace every 2 years or the slightly upgraded glass desk that gets scratched and scraped all day long. Give yourself the ultimate comfort and classic smooth curves of granite!

Luxury and Functionality

Both go together hand in hand when it comes to granite. A hard and smooth nonporous surface offers a comfortable and clean work environment while the classic timeless look stone adds luxury to whatever room it may be in.

The owner of this office was looking for a comfortable area for himself to conduct his business at while also giving the image of modern luxury. He was also looking for something easily maintainable, and cleaning most anything from granite is easy! Just beware of acidic cleaners!

If you’re looking into installing granite in your home, please don’t hesitate to call our office! C&M is available Monday through Saturday (hours listed here), and our number is 901.854.7007. We’d love to hear any questions, concerns, or potential design ideas you might have!