Utilizing Space Beneficially



This is a classic example of pairing the natural beauty of wood and stone and creating a strong and aesthetically pleasing piece of productive furniture for your home. We have a very wide range of finishes, patterns, stains, and materials to choose from when you're designing your kitchen which will be helpful when looking for the perfect match to your style.

Whether you're developing a custom design for your cabinets or you're importing from the best names on the market, you can count on C&M to help you ease through the fabrication and installation processes. We value our customers and the relationships we build with them are priceless.

Small spaces can make big statements when you combine the right materials!

Granite goes so well in bathrooms, doesn’t it? The cleanliness is a huge factor, but the smooth and elegant look of the stone makes for a bathroom that gives off a warm and inviting glow! Mirrors increase that effect, and with no lack of those in most bathrooms, yours will look luxurious as ever.

Maintenance is low for most stone counter tops, too. This is a huge perk when planning what materials you’re looking to use when upgrading your current fixtures and appliances.

If you’re interested in any custom cabinetry or granite projects you see on the website or have any questions about our products and services, please call (901) 854-7007, or visit our Contact Page for our showroom location and hours. We can’t wait to hear from you!